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Bookaway Group travel trends report: APAC tourism recovery continues as travel restrictions are lifted

Bookway Group’s data trends show a positive reaction to the streamlining of approval processes for the Thai Pass and the lifting of all Covid-19 restrictions in Vietnam as of May 15th, with ground transportation booking rising for both bus and ferry rides. Travelers are arriving predominantly from the UK, retaining its top spot from 2019 (for both Vietnam and Thailand). This upward trajectory comes despite the impact of the Omicron variant, earlier in the year, when volumes were constrained in January and February.


With $70M and fourth acquisition in hand, Bookaway Group set out to take next leap forward

Ground transportation is the glue that connects everything in travel. Technically, it’s a huge task, given how fragmented the market is, but we have found a secret sauce, a method to connect with operators efficiently and quickly and adapt to different regions.


Bookaway Group travel trends report: New data reveals Croatia’s tourism recovery is gathering pace

Croatia’s tourism industry is in line for a bumper summer season according to data from Bookaway Group, the world’s leading aggregator of ground transportation. The uplift is evident when looking not only at the volumes of tickets sold by operators in Croatia but also site traffic analysis from across its portfolio of consumer-facing brands.


Bookaway Group Raises an Additional $35M to Digitize $157BN Ground Transportation Sector

Bookaway Group wants to make it easy for consumers to search and book ground transport rides online. One of the ways to do so will be via B2B partnerships. “We can grow our B2B business by becoming the go-to API for all travel brands  that want to add ground transport alongside flights and hotels.”


Bookaway Group raises $35 million to digitize ground transportation industry

Bookaway Group is active in over 110 countries and 13,000 cities. It offers over 1.5 million travel options from over 7,000 operators, which travelers book through its four consumer-facing brands. The company shared April sales are tracking 50% above 2019 numbers as the travel industry continues to bounce back from the pandemic, the Group intends to accelerate this positive trend.

Top Israeli Startups To Watch in 2022 is a start-up that aims to make it easier for people to travel across land and sea. with a travel booking platform specifically designed for busses, ferries, and trains. This is achieved by feeding data from offline suppliers and giving them an opportunity to reach their customers digitally.


Bookaway Group books additional $35M to scale up its ground transportation booking platforms

“With a complex task like globalizing ground transport you need local knowledge, technology expertise and industry experience. Bookaway Group has all three and they’re committed to winning this market.”


Bookaway Group Revs Up with $35M in Series C funding to Accelerate Global Expansion Momentum

Bookaway Group wants to make it easy for consumers to search and book ground transport rides. “We expect to continue our acquisition strategy with a view to becoming the only player able to offer complete ground transport inventory globally”.


Bookaway Group raises $35M for ground transport expansion

Bookaway Group intends the cash to be used to accelerate its mission to digitalise the $157 billion ground transportation industry.

The company is solving what it sees as “one of the last remaining problems” in travel technology by making it as easy for travelers to search, shop, book and pay for ground transport as it is for flights or hotels.


Bookaway Group travel trends report - Thailand recovery back on track after Omicron blip

Major tourism markets in APAC, including Thailand, are getting back on track as international visitors start to plan their trips again, according to data from Bookaway Group, the world’s leading ground transportation aggregator. 


New Partnership between GetByBus and NOMAGO lines: from Zagreb to Budapest and Vienna at a cheaper price and maximum comfort

New bus lines from Zagreb to Vienna and Budapest are now available for travelers. This was made possible by the partnership created by GetByBus and NOMAGO,  two leading brands in the the ground transportation industry. All buses are modern and meet the strictest environmental standards, and stand out with an attractive design that represents the two companies. (content in Croatian)


Nomago and GetByBus are introducing new bus lines - From Zagreb to Budapest and Vienna at a cheaper price and maximum comfort!

What makes this collaboration more special than the others are the new buses that will provide their passengers with a superior travel experience and a comfortable and safe ride. All buses are equipped with toilets, WIFI network and comply with the highest environmental standards, in order to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment. (content in Croatian)


Episode #48: Noam Toister, CEO & Co-Founder – Bookaway Group.

Building a travel-tech Group in the midst of a world pandemic and coming out stronger from the worst crisis that the travel industry has ever seen, to become the largest ground transportation aggregator in the world. 


Bookaway Group travel trends report: Thailand leads Asia tourism reopening

Bookaway Group noted a triple-digit, up 500 percent month-on-month increase in the volume of tickets sold by operators in Thailand between October and December, including domestic travelers. 


Bookaway Group travel trends report: Bookaway Group turns focus on supporting Russian and Ukrainian staff as war impact felt

We have Ukrainian and Russian employees, who’ve worked hand-in-hand for years to bring people together through travel. These days we are busy trying to assure our employees’ well-being and physical safety

#BookawayGroup, #Plataforma10

Bookaway Group acquires Plataforma 10 of Argentina

Joining the Bookaway Group means the company can expand exponentially faster across the region, complementing the global coverage we already have in Asia and Europe.


These Startups Want to Digitize the World’s Intercity Buses

Bookaway Group is listed as the #1 player  in the online ground transportation travel, helping operators either sell tickets to international travelers, run their businesses more efficiently with software, or both. 

#BookawayGroup, #Platforma 10

Bookaway Acquired Plataforma 10 for ground transportation foothold in Latin America

Plataforma 10 partners with more than 400 bus companies in the region and about 2,000 local shops and kiosks. Bookaway Group plans to invest significant capital to help Plataforma 10 expand into new markets.

#BookawayGroup, #Plataforma10

Bookaway Group Acquires Argentina’s Plataforma 10 in Intercity Bus Booking Rollup

Bookaway Group, which provides reservation platforms and operational software for intercity bus and ferry operators, recently acquired Plataforma 10, an online travel agency based in Argentina. The ground transportation industry may not seem glamorous, but there are endless opportunities in helping this multi-billion-dollar sector go online.


What an ambitious Travel-Tech Group learned during a global epidemic

As things stand, Bookaway Group is already the biggest ground transportation aggregator in the world. “Our ambition has not been reined in by what has happened in the travel industry and the world at large over the past three years – if anything it’s inspired us to be even bolder.


Natalie Noy, Bookaway Group's VP Corporate Development and General Counsel, must-read book recommendation

“I recommend 1984 as a must-read to any entrepreneur with a disruptive technology that needs to share a vision and new concepts, to every junior and senior employee who has access to big data or personal information” 


Bookaway Group increases transportation options with Direct Ferries integration

David Yitzhaki, Bookaway’s Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder says: “Our partnership with Direct Ferries is a huge step as it will provide more travel options for our customers, particularly across Europe, by connecting them with even more destinations to explore and new ways of travelling.


Bookaway Group travel trends report: Travel like a local in Italy: 310% increase in searches after quarantine removal

Founded by travellers, for travellers, Bookaway eradicates stressful aspects of travel by providing travellers with in-depth details about each route’s service, reviews from other travellers and 24/7 support. Bookaway provides the best, most picturesque and sought-after routes in Italy – previously only available to book ‘in-person’ or known by locals.


Bookaway Group CEO: We have the potential to grow into a $10 billion company

Today, 7% of a tourist’s expenses are for traveling by land or sea, and the challenge is working with these local, mostly offline companies, and promoting them through us, with all the accurate information.


How to work well with investors and take a business from start-up to scale-up

Noam Toister is CEO and founder of Bookaway Group, an online ground and sea transportation booking group, connecting travelers with local suppliers worldwide, so travelers can easily explore new corners of the world, shares his top tips for working well with investors and navigating change.


Bookaway Group travel trends report: Early Signs of Thailand’s tourism recovery as ground transportation bookings increase by 123%

New data from ground transportation platform Bookaway Group
shows bookings in Thailand have increased by 123% month on month since the reopening announcement on 11 October, compared with 43% in September and 22% in August.



Avoiding Leadership Mistakes: How to set your business up for success

Noam Toister, CEO and founder Bookaway Group, the biggest ground transportation group worldwide, shares his insight into some of the struggles and challenges of becoming a manager for the first time, and how to avoid common leadership mistakes.


Interview with Noam Toister, CEO and Co-Founder of Bookaway Group

In only four years, Bookaway has transformed from a small-scale start-up to world leading ground transportation company. “Local transport suppliers are being left behind the rest of the online travel industry. We  aim to fix this disconnect between global travellers and the local ground and sea transport providers.


Travel Tech startup Bookaway secures $35 million in funding while in Covid-19 crisis

As the majority of the ground transportation industry is offline, travelers waste precious time and money trying to navigate their journey on the ground, having booked their flights, hotel, and experiences online


Start-up founder shares 'key' tip for working with investors after landing £33m investment

In July 2021, the Bookaway Group became the biggest global ground and sea transportation group, it was founded to expand the Bookaway network and provide access to even more destinations across the world.


Bookaway Group Aims to Simplify Bus and Ferry Booking: Travel Startup Funding This Week

“Currently, 95 percent of the ground transportation industry is offline,” said Noam Toister, CEO and founder of Bookaway. “Our mission is to make bus, train, or ferry travel an effortless booking experience.”


Bookaway Group raises 35 million US dollars to launch a series of transportation service platforms

The financing is aimed to launching a series of consumer-oriented brands. Bookaway Group will focus on ground and sea transportation booking services.


Matias Elisavetsky to join Bookaway Group and serve as its Chief Commercial Officer

Matias Elisavetsky joins Bookaway Group and will help achieving the group’s mission to modernize the ground and sea transportation industry by supporting local, independent transport suppliers around the world.


BREAKING NEWS: GetByBus continues to grow as part of the Bookaway Group!

Even in 2021, the positive surprises by the local tech companies seem to have no end! Namely, the local company GetByBus was bought by the Israeli giant and thus became the first platform for booking land and sea transport to join the Bookaway Group!

World-first ground and sea transportation group launches, backed with $46 million funding

The Bookaway Group is uniting complementary transportation operators across the world to work collaboratively, addressing a major circuit break in the online travel booking process.


Bookaway catches $35M round, creates group of ground transport platforms

A new collection of consumer-facing travel brands – known as the Bookaway Group – has been created following an investment round valued at $35 million.

Bookaway Brings Ground Transportation Online in Developing Countries

Bookaway offers ground transportation options for travelers in developing countries where content is fragmented and few suppliers have made their inventory available online.


Five New Asian Travel Startups Incubated by Amadeus

12Go Asia Headquartered in Singapore with its main operation in Bangkok, 12Go Asia works on both the B2B and B2C side for online ticketing for inter-city bus, train, ferry, transfers, flights, and hotels.


Non-Governmental Organization CEDRA Split Launches New Incubator

Last week, local NGO CEDRA Split launched a new incubator in style at Hotel Cornaro. Over 70 people came to hear about the new initiative for young people to learn business skills before developing their own business.

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